Laser Talks are short “elevator pitches” one learns to speak powerfully.

Global Poverty

Laser Talks (Global Poverty)

October 2020 Laser Talk: Urge Congress to Finally Pass COVID-19 Relief

Use this EPIC laser talk to call on senators and representatives to speak to leadership now for a global response to the global pandemic. EPIC is a concise format for getting our message across in speaking or writing.

U.S. Poverty

Laser Talks (U.S. Poverty)

September 2020 U.S. Poverty Laser Talks: Tell Congress to Pass COVID Relief Bill that Includes Rental and Nutrition Assistance

Use these two laser talks to make the case for emergency rental assistance for millions of families struggling to keep a roof over their heads and to boost SNAP benefits for hungry Americans until the current crisis ends. (Printable versions: Word/PDF)


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