Global Fund Media/Outreach Laser Talk

May 2, 2019

Global Fund Media/Outreach Laser Talk

At the height of the AIDS crisis, the world came together to create the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Since 2002, the Global Fund has helped save 27 million lives.

Growing drug resistance, shortfalls in funding, and wavering political commitment are threatening our progress in the fight against these three diseases. Our past success cannot breed future complacency or else we risk backsliding and seeing more lives lost.

The beauty of the Global Fund is the questions it asks: “What do you need? What is the best way to provide it?” But another key question that we must keep asking as a country is, “Will we continue to provide leadership and funds for this life-saving institution.

I am/our local RESULTS group is working to get letters to editor published so that positive pressure can continue to be places on the Administration to be part of fully funding the Global Fund. Once published, these letters are going to DC in July to be delivered to congressional offices. Would you be interested in writing so we can add your published letter to the stack? I can give you an easy guide for writing your letter (at

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