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Welcome to RESULTS!  We are here to help you achieve your advocacy goals.

Below are some helpful orientation and training resources to help with your advocacy. Please work through each section below, and if you have questions or need support, we are here to help at [email protected]!

If you have already attended an orientation and want to review our presentation slides, you can download the RESULTS Orientation Slides here (PDF version here).

Have you attended our one hour online orientation?

One of the first steps toward becoming an effective activist is learning how to speak powerfully about the issues. To do so, we must be educated about what we are talking about!  RESULTS regularly provides informational tools for our advocates to learn about the issues on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

RESULTS created the “Laser Talk” which is an easy tool for our volunteers to create short and compelling talks that are less than 2 minutes long. These are the backbone of our advocacy work! We use Laser Talks when we meet with our members of Congress and their aides, when we call our editorial boards, and when we invite people to a RESULTS event.   

Every month, RESULTS produces a new Laser Talk that corresponds with the issues we are currently working on. We invite you to write your own Laser Talks about the issues too!  

RESULTS empowers our volunteers to share personal stories to convey images that facts and figures cannot. It is important for you to create a personal story, because it will make your advocacy even more effective. It does not have to be an epic statement or life-altering event that brings you to this work; you just have to speak from the heart!  

One of the first actions you can take as a RESULTS volunteer is communicating with your member of Congress through an email, letter or phone call.

This may be your first time reaching out to your members of Congressand thats okay! RESULTS provides all the necessary tools and support you need to effectively communicate your request. 

If you need to learn how to reach your member of Congress, you can find out the name and contact e-mail for your member of Congress on the RESULTS website by using the Legislator LookupHint: you can also find their DC office phone number here!  

Organizing meetings with our members of Congress and their staff is a cornerstone of RESULTS advocacy. By reviewing these learning materials, you will familiarize yourself with the process to set up a meeting with your member of Congress, learn more about who represents you, and have all the tools to make a meeting happen 

As a RESULTS advocate, you will be sharing about our work, the organization, and our mission quite often! Use these learning materials to help you speak powerfully about RESULTS and our mission.

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