Global Laser Talk September 2013

September 3, 2013

Inviting Others to the September 21 Book Party to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Reclaiming Our Democracy

Do you have a moment to talk?  Great!

I want to invite you to an exciting event with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. 

A 20th anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy written by RESULTS’ founder Sam Daley-Harris will be released this month. We will have a book party that will be connected by conference call with Muhammad Yunus, Sam, and RESULTS Executive Director Joanne Carter. Let me give you an example of what the book’s about.  On one page of the book there is a small circle labeled “your comfort zone,” and on the other side of the page is a much larger circle labeled “where the magic happens." The book and RESULTS are about moving out of our comfort zones to where the magic happens. 

Would you like to come to the book party, hear Muhammad Yunus and learn about RESULTS and Reclaiming Our Democracy


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