2024 U.S. Poverty Laser Talks

March 25, 2024

Pass the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act

Engage: Since 1997, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) has offered millions of hardworking families the tools to provide safety and stability for their children.

Problem: Yet, under current law, there are seventeen million children who do not receive the full CTC even though their parents have jobs. And these families disproportionately come from rural areas.

Inform: To illustrate, a family with 4 kids earning $25,000 per year only receives a $3,375 credit, while a family making $400,000 receives $8,000. This shows how out of touch the current CTC is with families earning lower wages. Thankfully, the House passed Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act by a vote of 357-70. This bipartisan bill will provide increased support to 16 million families with low wages across the country including in your [home state data here]. However, negotiations have stalled in the Senate and time is running out to pass it. We need your support to help break the logjam and provide much-needed relief for families and workers.

Call to Action: Will you speak publicly about your support for this important, bipartisan legislation? Will you share your support with leadership to ensure the bill receives a vote in the Senate?

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Protect U.S. Nutrition Assistance: Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Engage:  Congress is overdue in passing a new Farm Bill, which governs farming and food policies in the U.S. Its largest component is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps millions of Americans put food on the table each month.

Problem: Unfortunately, SNAP continues to be under attack by lawmakers who want harmful cuts that limit benefits, access, and choice.

Inform:  SNAP provides direct food assistance to nearly 40 million Americans per month. Most recipients are working families with children, elderly persons, and people with disabilities. SNAP participation is highest in rural counties. As Congress considers a new Farm Bill, lawmakers must reject efforts to cut or restrict SNAP. Instead, they must work to make it stronger by expanding access and increasing benefits for vulnerable populations. This will help [find SNAP data for your state] residents in [your home state] meet their basic needs.

Call to Action: Will you speak to House Agriculture Committee Chair Thompson and Ranking Member Scott / Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Stabenow and Ranking member Boozman and urge them to protect and strengthen SNAP in the new Farm Bill? Are you also willing to review a few proposals that will expand access to more vulnerable populations?

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Renters Need Tax Relief Too. Any Tax Reform Must Prioritize Them.

Engage: The tax code provides billions in tax subsidies to homeowners, developers, businesses, and landlords, but almost nothing for the nearly 44 million Americans who rent.

Problem: Even employed households are having trouble keeping up with skyrocketing rents.

Inform: A renter tax credit would help. The credit would be targeted to rent-burdened households with low incomes and paid out on a monthly basis. This would cap out-of-pocket rent and utilities expenses, ensuring renters could afford a safe place to live without sacrificing other basic needs. It would benefit many of the households that existing, very limited housing and homelessness programs are unable to serve. And it would prevent people from getting evicted and experiencing homelessness. [Share how a monthly renter tax credit would help you.]

Call to Action: Will you support using the tax code to target relief to renters via a renter tax credit? Are you open to looking at specific policies that would use the tax code in this way? What’s the best way to follow up with you on this?

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