Global Laser Talk April 2015

April 7, 2015

Request Support for Upcoming Maternal/Child and Health Legislation

Adjust and adapt this talk to a number of audiences – members of Congress, the media, your community. 

Engage: I have three nieces, and I want nothing more than for them to have a childhood free of preventable disease that allows them to start life on a solid footing. 

State the Problem: But I'm aware how fragile childhood can be. Worldwide, 6.3 million children die each year before they reach their fifth birthday, and most of these deaths are preventable.

Inform on the solution: This spring, legislation will be introduced in Congress that could help put us on a track to ending senseless deaths of young children once and for all. The legislation will emphasize transparent, effective funding to save kids, and it's the kind of powerful legislation that first interested me in being an advocate for the end of extreme poverty in the first place. 

Call to action:  No matter where they live, children need our help to thrive. When the bill is introduced, I hope those who represent me in Congress will cosponsor it and make bright futures a priority.


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