Global Laser Talk January 2018

January 13, 2018

Make Your Last Pre-GPE Replenishment Follow-up Calls on Resolution Cosponsorship

You: Hi, legislative aide’s name, this is your name, I am calling to follow up on our previous conversations during 2017 about member of Congress’ name supporting the bipartisan H. Res. 466/S. Res. 286, the Global Partnership for Education resolution. Do you have a moment to talk?

Legislative Aide: Yes, I do.

You: Great, thank you. When we emailed last you said you would be willing to talk with member of Congress’ name about H. Res. 466/S. Res. 286. I am curious, how did that conversation go?

Legislative Aide: When I spoke with member of Congress’ name about the resolution, we both agreed that it is an important initiative and are interested to know some outcomes of the Global Partnership for Education.

You: I am glad you mentioned that. Educated boys are 20% less likely to engage in conflict. For example, 8,500 refuges and children displaced due to Boko Haram violence will benefit from improved learning environments and school lunches through a GPE grant. These children who have been impacted by violence will now benefit from education, which will increase their chances of being a productive member of society. Time is of the essence, as the Global Partnership for Education replenishment is February 2. Can we count on member of Congress’ name to cosponsor H.Res. 466/S.Res. 286, which will ensure all children have the opportunity to thrive?

Legislative Aide: I will discuss this with member of Congress’s name and be in touch.

You: Wonderful! Thank you for your time today. I will email you by Wednesday to follow-up on my request.

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