Global Laser Talk June 2012

June 6, 2012

Requesting an Editorial Highlighting Child Survival After the Call to Action Meeting

Are you aware of the Child Survival Call to Action meeting that was held in Washington on June 14 and 15? It was a meeting of global leaders with the bold agenda of ending preventable child deaths.

The meeting acknowledged that we’ve cut child preventable deaths in half over the past 30 years — from over 40,000 deaths per day to around 20,000 today. But too many children still die and too many parents suffer, particularly when we have tools to prevent these deaths.

At the meeting, an amazing commitment emerged to apply science, training, and resources to ending preventable child deaths in our lifetime. It was like President Kennedy’s pronouncement that we would someday go to the moon, only it comes with the necessary tools already in our grasp.

This new child survival roadmap can lead us to one of humanity’s greatest achievements — ensuring a chance at life for all children. Would you please write an editorial highlighting this great news? I can provide you with additional information.

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