Global Laser Talk June 2013

June 10, 2013

Encouraging Others to Attend the 2013 RESULTS International Conference

Hi! You know that I’m a volunteer with an organization called RESULTS. I was wondering if you’d consider joining me in Washington, DC, on July 20–23 for our International Conference? I’ve been before, and I wouldn’t miss it. I think you’d be a great advocate.

Some history-making people like Prof. Muhammad Yunus, who won a Nobel Peace Prize; Tony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF; and writer Marianne Williamson are all going to be there.  But most importantly, advocates from all around the world will be there, too. 

RESULTS has shown me that the solutions to poverty exist, which is phenomenal. What keeps these solutions from being implemented is a lack of political will. Through RESULTS I’ve learned that I have the power to change that. For example, I recently . . . (wrote got a letter to the editor printed, met with my member of Congress, etc.). It was powerful, and I was proud of what I’d accomplished. Through that work, I know I helped save and improve people’s lives.

The conference will include great information, skill building, and a chance go to Capitol Hill. The inspiration from the conference motivates us year-round. What else can I tell you about the conference?

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