May 2020 Global Laser Talk: Ask Your Legislators About Supporting Global COVID-19 Policy Priorites

May 7, 2020

Engage: As a leader in global health and development, the United States must urgently respond to the impact COVID-19 will have on hard-fought gains we’ve made in global health and education in low-income countries.

Problem: I am gravely concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on communities already experiencing poverty, because they face the greatest risks. We are already seeing negative impacts on health services, education, hunger & nutrition, and economies of low-income nations.

Inform: The United States must demonstrate leadership during this crisis and, as it considers its next move, we must help protect marginalized communities as part of a larger emergency international relief package of at least $12 billion.

Call to Action: I am asking that ____________ speak to House/Senate leadership to ensure that the next COVID-19 funding response includes support for global health and education in low-income countries. I can send you specific requests via email.

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