Global Laser Talk for October 2018: TB Funding

September 28, 2018

Call on Congress to Increase TB Funding for FY19

Engage: I recently learned that TB is the biggest infectious disease killer in the world, sickening 10 million people each year, taking the lives of over 1.6 million annually. Who knew?

Problem: Given that we are failing to find 1 in 3 people becoming sick with TB each year, there is no way we can get ahead of this disease. We’ve got to be more aggressive with TB.

Inform: That is why global leaders, including the U.S., made bold commitments toward ending TB on September 26 at the UN High-Level Meeting on TB.

Call to Action: You can help send an early signal that the U.S. is committed to ending TB by asking the Chair and Ranking member of SFOPS to use the House bilateral TB funding amount of $302 million in the final 2019 spending bill. The additional funding will save a lot of lives and send a powerful message to the world about the U.S. commitment to reaching 40 million people with TB treatment by 2022. Can someone get back to me and let me know if/when you will take this important action?

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