Global Laser Talk May 2018

May 11, 2018

The International Conference and the Reach Act

Engage: It seems like more people are looking for a way to make a difference these days. Have you noticed that? Hundreds of thousands of people have marched in DC, and others are making calls and taking actions.

State the Problem: I think the marches are important, but to make a difference on big issues I care about, like global health, we need to take things further to make change happen.

Inform on the Solution: Personally, I’m happy I’ve found the organization RESULTS. I’ve learned how to be an effective advocate, and I’ve been part of the incredible progress that’s been made on child survival. I had no idea I could make such a difference. It makes me feel good about who I am.

Call to Action: I’m going to be heading to Washington, DC, on July 14-17 for the RESULTS International Conference. Among other things, we’ll be working on passing a bill on maternal and child health bill that will affect millions of lives. It’s call the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. I think you’d really like the conference and the people. Can you please join me? We could use your help on the Reach Act.

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