Who are the Experts on Poverty?

RESULTS launched our Experts on Poverty program in 2015. The program includes a cohort of individuals with lived/living experiences of poverty from across the nation. The Experts on Poverty (also known as Experts or EOPs) receive training and support to become stronger leaders in the anti-poverty movement. They shift the narrative around those who experience poverty and highlight the way anti-poverty policies affect their everyday lives. 

The program: 

EMPOWERS those with lived experience to shape public policy by educating members of Congress, collaborating with other anti-poverty advocates to advance key anti-poverty policies, and weighing in with RESULTS staff on overall campaign priorities, goals, values and principles. 

CONNECTS individuals with lived experience to each other to build confidence and community. 

TRAINS the Experts on policy, advocacy, storytelling and organizing to become stronger advocates and to help them build the leadership skills of current RESULTS advocates. 

ELEVATES the Experts in the RESULTS network, their communities, the media, with legislators, other organizations and the public to increase their influence and career opportunities.   

Check out the profiles below to learn more about our current Experts on Poverty. 

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Chaila Scott

Chaila Scott

Luling, LA

“I’m a firm believer in Dr. Martin Luther King’s statement ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. As an advocate of social awareness and agent of change, I am driven by my ability to educate decision makers on where we fall short as a country. Through the RESULTS Experts on Poverty program I am empowered to share my story of lived experience which is ultimately considered one of my greatest contributions to our societal growth and evolution.”

Ann Alvarez

Ann Alvarez

Salt Lake City, UT

“It is a very powerless feeling not knowing how you will provide for your 4-month-old and 2-year-old. I’d worked at the same investment company for 5 years when life threw a curveball. We spent 2+ years at a long-term women’s shelter. Our circumstances are not our identity. The CTC and EITC were pivotal to us getting out of the shelter. It is healing for me to be joining the other EOPs to advocate for anti-poverty policies.”

La'Shon Marshall on Capitol Hill

Honoring La’Shon Marshall

La’Shon was a dear friend, advocate, Expert on Poverty, and tremendous leader in the RESULTS community. Join us in honoring her memory and legacy.

La'Shon Marshall on Capitol Hill


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