Global Laser Talk April 2016

April 8, 2016

Come to the 2016 International Conference! 

Hi! You know that I’m a volunteer with an organization called RESULTS. I was wondering if you’d consider joining me in Washington, DC, on June 25–28 for our International Conference? I’ve been before, and I wouldn’t miss it. I think you’d really find it to be one of the highlights of your summer.

Some fantastic anti-poverty leaders like Dr. Paul Farmer, Ambassador Tony Hall, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Tavis Smiley will be speaking. There will be in-depth information on sustainable solutions to extreme poverty, plus great skill-building sessions and a chance to network with advocates from around the world as well as advocate on Capitol Hill.

RESULTS has shown me that the solutions to poverty exist, but what keeps them from being implemented is a lack of political will. Through RESULTS I’ve learned that I have the power to change that. For example, I recently . . . (wrote got a letter to the editor printed, met with my member of Congress, etc.). It resulted in . . . And through what I did, I know I helped save and improve people’s lives.

Would you like me to send you the registration link so you can read more about the conference? 

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