January Laser Talk: Tell a Congressional Office about RESULTS

January 8, 2021

Engage: Hello, (Name of Aide or Legislator). Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. We want to thank you and the representative/senator for _______________________, for it has made a difference in (our community, the world).

Problem: I am my fellow advocates are particularly concerned about the issues of global health and nutrition, as well as affordable housing and nutrition here in the United States. We are anxious to make positive strides in these areas in 2021.

Inform: To aid in this, we volunteer with an advocacy organization called RESULTS. We are an international grassroots organization made up of everyday people who focus on helping Congress make smarter, more compassionate policies for the end of poverty. We are among several hundred advocates around the United States and even more advocates around the world who learn about the root causes of poverty and work with legislators to help influence public policies that will help put an end to needless suffering. We are all affected by the tragedy of poverty and want to see it change.

Call to Action: We know the representative/senator cares about these issues. We’re excited to be speaking with you today and look forward to working together.

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