Global Laser Talk September 2018

September 6, 2018

Pitching a TB Story to Your Local Media

Engage: TB is a disease of poverty that is largely treatable, curable, and preventable. What has been missing until now is the political will to tackle it.

State the Problem: Decades of political neglect means almost 5,000 people die daily of tuberculosis. This centuries-old epidemic is now the world’s leading infectious killer, claiming more lives last year than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. It still threatens the US as well.

Inform on the Solution:  As House and Senate leaders negotiate the final 2019 budget for TB, they should follow the House’s lead, where they’ve already called for a $40 million increase in funding for TB. In addition, the Administration should provide bold leadership at the September 26 UN High-Level Meeting on TB  and move the world forward in ending this disease that takes so much from so many.

Call to Action: Would you please write about the upcoming High-Level Meeting on TB and the leadership opportunity our country has in fighting this disease of poverty?

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