Laser Talk for August 2012: GPE Sign On Letter

August 11, 2012

Engage: I am calling to that the representative help enroll 25 million children into primary school by 2014.

Problem: Right now, 61 million children don’t have access to primary school, which means they will never read a book or use basic math to solve a business problem.

Inform: However, the Global Partnership for Education has a plan to put 25 million kids in school in 46 countries over the next 3 years if they receive the needed funding. The US can help achieve this goal if we could shift some of our current global education funding to the Global Partnership for Education. This would a high-impact, cost-effective investment.

Call to Action: Representative Jan Schakowsky is circulating a sign-on letter to Secretary of State Clinton requesting that the U.S. invest $125 million of our global education dollars into the Global Partnership for Education in 2013. Will the representative sign on to that letter? I can send you a copy.

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