Spring 2020 Laser Talk: International Conference Invitation!

May 7, 2020

Engage: You may remember that I volunteer with an advocacy organization called RESULTS. We focus on creating smarter, more compassionate policies in Congress for the end of poverty.

Problem: In this time of crisis, many people are asking where they can find hope and a place to make a difference.

Inform: RESULTS is that place, and our upcoming International Conference will be a real opportunity to make that difference.  The COVID-19 pandemic will prevent our conference from being in-person in Washington, DC, but our move to a virtual conference means even more people can attend. I am hoping you will consider being one of those people.

We are expecting advocates from all over the world to join us on June 20-21 for a 40th anniversary celebration including top speakers, informational workshops, and inspiration. Then during our Week of Action immediately following we will lobby our members of Congress remotely on the policy changes that we know will help alleviate poverty at home and around the world, especially for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Call to Action: We’d love for you to attend the virtual International Conference this year. Can I help get you registered or send you the registration link?

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