Global Laser Talk November-December 2015

January 4, 2016

Holidays and the Reach Act

Engage the audience: Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holidays give us cause for reflection. Personally, I’m thankful that my family and I have access to healthcare.

State the problem: But I’m also aware that, around the globe, babies and kids die too often due to preventable infection, poor nutrition, or the lack of a basic vaccination.  Today 11 children under age five still die of preventable causes each minute.

Inform on the solution: The good news is that needless child deaths have gone down, and we now have an opportunity to accelerate progress. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act, S.1911 and H.R.3706, are bipartisan bills that will intensify our work with partner countries. The ultimate goal is to end unnecessary maternal and child deaths by 2035.

Call to action: I know the Representative/Senator cares about kids and families. Can I count on him/her to cosponsor the Reach Act and to encourage at least one colleague from across the aisle to do the same?

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