Global Laser Talk October 2014

October 10, 2014

Asking Your Rep. or Senator to Write to the President on a $1 Billion Gavi Pledge

Instructions: Dial the Congressional Switchboard at: 202 224-3121. If you need to know who your representative or senator is, look here.

Engage: Health crises like the Ebola outbreak are dominating the headlines, and Americans are wondering, “What can we do to help those who are suffering and protect ourselves?”

Problem: If we don’t create stronger health delivery systems, we undermine our ability to respond to these crises.

Inform: Fortunately, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is providing lifesaving vaccines to poor nations and strengthening their healthcare systems to better handle crises.

Call to Action: Gavi is a good investment. Will you write to President Obama and ask that the US commit to $1 billion over 4 years at the January 2015 Gavi replenishment conference? I can provide a sample letter.

Note: You can find a sample letter to send to your representative or senator here.

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