Offer Transformational Experiences to Build Advocates

October 11, 2019

EPIC Format

Engage: I want to let you know that the Global Fund replenishment we’ve been working on was a real success on October 10. The world came together to raise the $14 billion needed to save an additional 16 million lives over the next three years. And the US did its part. We are celebrating the victory because we know that our group and RESULTS advocates around the country had a hand in it. I want to thank you for your part and just for being a good audience as we’ve been talking about the Global Fund replenishment.

Problem: We still have work to do to ensure that the US keeps its promise to the Global Fund, and we will be working next year on a big Child Survival campaign.

Inform About the Solution: I would love to support you to take actions that will create additional successes—I could support you to get published or meet with a congressional office.  We also have excellent advocacy training coming up you could engage in.

Call to Action: I know you care about these issues, would you be up for taking your impact to the next level?

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