RESULTS International Conference

June 12-13, 2021

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Each summer we host a weekend of learning, action, and connecting with advocates across the country and around the globe. From June 12 to 13, 2021, we hosted a special virtual, digital program followed by a week of advocacy, with coordinated, powerful advocacy meetings with members of Congress.


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Grassroots Spotlight

2020 Virtual Conference Highlights

Hundreds of attendees were tuned in on phones and laptops from all over the world at the opening of the first virtual RESULTS International Conference in late June. Some were wrapping up their day in Kenya; some were up well past their bedtime in Australia; others were preparing their morning coffee in Alaska.

Grassroots Spotlight

Grassroots Spotlight: Karyne Bury

Five years ago, I was sitting at home, feeling like I had no way of making change with my members of Congress. I was frustrated. I wanted to open up their perspectives and have conversations with them about issues I care about.

Grassroots Spotlight

Grassroots Spotlight: Yolanda Gordon

At one point in my life, I relied on government programs to provide for my family. To some people, I was just a statistic. I identify as many things, and this does not define who I am – it is just one part of my story. I am also an advocate.

Latest from the Hill

2019 International Conference Highlights

“We have never lived in a world where there isn’t poverty, but we know that this world is possible.” Read highlights from the 2019 RESULTS International Conference!

Grassroots Spotlight

Grassroots Spotlight: Micha Chishti

We caught up with Micha Chishti, co-leader of the RESULTS Atlanta group, as he zipped between meetings on Capitol Hill during the last day of the 2018 RESULTS International Conference.

Grassroots Spotlight

Grassroots Spotlight: Shams Al-Badry

We sat down with Shams Al-Badry, a RESULTS volunteer in Lincoln, Nebraska, during the 2018 RESULTS International Conference to talk about how she’s evolved as an advocate and why she’s so committed to her work with RESULTS.


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