January Laser Talk: Invite Others to Join RESULTS

January 8, 2021

Engage: I volunteer with RESULTS, an organization that, during a global pandemic, got over 725 pieces of media published on eradicating poverty. Yes, RESULTS empowered me to raise my voice for a vision of a world free of poverty.

Problem: The problem is, people get bogged down with bad news. They don’t think they can make a difference.    ​

Illustrate: RESULTS has proven to me that I can make a difference. RESULTS has taught me how to meet with and influence my members of Congress, get published, and reach out to my community to bring them into action. Last year, despite the unprecedented challenges we all faced, we made excellent progress on issues I care about. This year, we’re working to keep people housed and strengthen SNAP in the U.S. as well as improve maternal and child health, nutrition, and education abroad.

Call to Action: 2021 could be a terrific year for making a difference.  Would you be interested in joining me? I would like to invite you to our next RESULTS meeting and guide you in taking actions that make a difference. What do you think? 

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