U.S. Poverty Laser Talk: Protect SNAP from Cuts and Structural Changes

March 1, 2017

Engage: Nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. live in households that are struggling against hunger. Studies show that children who are regularly hungry struggle in school, suffer from slowed and abnormal growth, and can develop anemia.

Problem: Yet leaders in the new Congress want to drastically change the structure of food assistance which could lead to millions falling deeper into poverty.

Illustrate or Inform: SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) is the first line of defense against hunger in America. The U.S. Census reports that SNAP lifted 4.6 million people above the poverty line in 2015. As we saw during the Great Recession, SNAP is an effective response to hunger in times of economic crisis or natural disasters. But Congress wants to undo SNAP’s success by converting it to a block grant, which will eliminate its flexibility in times of need, increase costs to states, and force people deeper into poverty. [If you have a personal story, definitely share it!]

Call to Action: Will you tell congressional leaders safeguard SNAP from cuts or structural changes that undermine its effectiveness and increase hunger in America?

What Is a Laser Talk?

A laser talk serves as a useful starting point for your advocacy work, whether as a talking points during a town hall meeting or as a primer for face-to-face meetings with candidates and elected officials. Follow up with more information and evidence supporting your points. And of course, adapt a laser talk to reflect your own experiences and why you care about the issue! For more on how to create your own laser talk, see the RESULTS Activist Toolkit: Create and Deliver Your EPIC Laser Talk.

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