Global Laser Talk April 2012

April 13, 2012

Creating a RESULTS Ally for Global Action Week for Education

Hi, ____! My name is ___________, and I’m calling to talk with you about an organization I’m active in called RESULTS. We are a national grassroots advocacy group working to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty, and we’re currently connecting with other organizations interested in getting kids into school.

I really love RESULTS because we get to learn about the root causes of hunger and poverty as well as real solutions. We build relationships with our members of Congress and their staff, we write powerful media pieces for our local papers, and we build alliances in our communities to help further our work. I personally got involved in RESULTS in ____________(date) because ____________________, and the reason I’ve chosen to stick with it is because it has allowed me to __________________________.

I’d be interested in coming to your office for a brief meeting so we could discuss our mutual interest in getting kids into school. Your voice in the community is very influential, and the work you’re doing is important. There may be some ways we could partner effectively. Also, I’d like to make sure you are invited to our outreach meeting on ___________ on the theme of education. Would it be possible to book a meeting for coffee so we could talk more?

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