Laser Talk for #LettersGetLOUD Campaign

February 8, 2018

Engage: There are lots of people trying to figure out how to make a difference in this uncertain political environment. 

Problem: The challenge for most people is don’t know what actions are most effective, or even how to get started.

Inform: So RESULTS has launched a national campaign for 2018 to make it easy for people to take meaningful action and become part of a national movement to end poverty. The campaign is called #LettersGetLOUD. We will write letters, share what we've written with each other and on social media, and deliver them to our members of Congress.

Call to Action:

  • For an audience of individuals: Why don’t you join us for our #LettersGetLOUD meeting, and we’ll guide you through taking a meaningful action? Our meetings are a lot of fun, and it feels really good to make a difference.
  • For a group or organization: I’d love to come and lead a #LettersGetLOUD meeting where everyone can take an action that will make a difference. I think people will feel they are a difference and having some fun in the process. 

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