Global Laser Talk Sept. 2013: Child Nutrition Resolution

September 17, 2013

Take Action on the Scaling Up Nutrition, House Resolution 254

Capital Switchboard: 202 224-3121

  • Engage: Hello, my name is xxxx and I am a constituent.  I can’t imagine being deprived of food until death, but this is what happens to over 3 million young children each year. Another 165 million kids are mentally and physically stunted because they lack proper nutrition.
  • Problem: We have all of the solutions to problems of hunger and nutrition, but we have not made a clear commitment to putting the solutions in place.
  • Inform: If we can get agreement in Congress that every child should have the necessary food and nutrition to develop properly, things will change.
  • Call to Action #1: Will the Representative please cosponsor the bipartisan House Resolution 254 to scale up child nutrition outcomes? I can send you more information. When can someone get back to me on this?
  • Call to Action #2—If Your Representative is Already a Cosponsor (find out if he/she is here): I want to thank the Representative for cosponsoring House Resolution 254. We really need this resolution to be bipartisan, would the Representative be willing to reach out to his favorite colleague in the other party and ask him/her to cosponsor as well? When can someone get back to me?

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