2022 Global Poverty Laser Talks

August 5, 2022

READ Act Reauthorization Act 2022

Engage: The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted children’s access to quality education around the world. School closures continue to disrupt the education of more than 616 million students.

State Problem: Girls, low-income children, and children with disabilities are affected the most. The longer vulnerable children are out of school, the less likely they are to return, and the World Bank estimates that this generation of students will lose $17 trillion in lifetime earnings.

Inform: The READ Act of 2017 made a difference in the lives of millions of young people, and the READ Act Reauthorization Act of 2022 will allow that to continue.

Call to Action: Would you ask Senate leadership to bring the READ Act (H.R.4693) to the floor for a vote? The READ Act has made a difference in the lives of millions of young people, and its reauthorization will allow that to continue.

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End TB Act of 2021

Engage: COVID-19 isn’t the only contagion ravaging the globe. Tuberculosis (TB) has plagued humanity for generations, and it is the second leading infectious disease killer in the world after COVID-19.

State Problem: Even though it is preventable, treatable, and curable, TB takes the lives of 1.4 million people annually. It exploits and exacerbates poverty and disproportionally hurts the marginalized. And because TB and COVID-19 are both airborne diseases, TB resources and expertise were re-allocated to address the COVID-19 pandemic, causing us to fall behind on reaching global TB goals.

Inform: But it’s not a trade-off that has to continue. The End TB Now Act (S.3386/H.R.8654) are bipartisan bills directing USAID to set bold targets to reach and treat the most vulnerable populations for all forms of TB. We have a unique opportunity to set TB control and eradication goals back on track.

Call to Action: Will the senator/representative co-sponsor this urgent legislation? To restore our gains in dealing with TB as a disease of poverty, and to save more lives, Congress must act.

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