2023 Global Poverty Laser Talks

August 10, 2023

End Tuberculosis Now Act (H.R.1776/S.288)

Engage: Tuberculosis (TB) is both a driver and an exacerbator of global poverty, and it targets vulnerable populations.

State Problem: Incredible strides were being made in the fight against TB, but when COVID-19 arrived, TB resources around the world were diverted.  Most TB cases are curable, but in resource-poor areas, treatment often comes too late.

Inform: But Congress can make a difference. The bipartisan, bicameral End Tuberculosis Now Act (H.R.1776/S.288) calls for setting bold U.S. goals to reach those most vulnerable to the disease. It will help save lives and provide frontline healthcare the support needed.

Call to Action: Will you co-sponsor the End Tuberculosis Now Act today?

Printable versions: Word/PDF

READ Act Reauthorization (H.R.681/S.41)

Engage: UNESCO reports that the number of children out of school has risen to 250 million, up by 6 million.

State Problem: COVID-19 related school closures disrupted learning for nearly all of the world’s 1.5 billion school-aged children. Now, in order to reach world education goals by 2030, we must enroll a child every two seconds.

Inform: Congress can support kids getting the foundational skills they need by co-sponsoring the bipartisan READ Act Reauthorization Act of 2023 in both the House (H.R.681) and Senate (S.41). The bill calls on the U.S. to update its foundational literacy and numeracy strategy. It calls for reaching vulnerable populations. And it calls for proof of robust monitoring and evaluation.

Call to Action:  Children around the world need basic education for a successful and bright future. Will you be a READ Act co-sponsor?

Printable versions: Word/PDF

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