March 2020 US Poverty Laser Talk: A Transformational Invitation

March 5, 2020

Engage: I’ve really appreciated learning about your passion for making a difference.

Problem: I know that you could have great impact as a RESULTS advocate, so I have an invitation for you.

Inform: On April 4 our RESULTS chapter is hosting a group of high potential people, like you, to join our National Webinar with Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the NY Times and author. Kristof is a fan of RESULTS and has a deep concern for people experiencing poverty. He will speak about US and global poverty and the importance of grassroots advocacy in driving change. After the webinar, we’ll do some planning  for an upcoming meeting with Representative’s/Senator’s  _______ office to talk housing and/or global child survival.

Call to Action: Would you like to join us for the Nick Kristof webinar on April 4 at 1 pm ET and take part in our lobby planning & the actual meeting on ______(date)?

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