Global Laser Talk July 2015

July 13, 2015

Request an August Recess Meeting with Your Legislator to Discuss Upcoming Maternal/Child Health Legislation

Engage the audience: We have a very important issue to discuss with the representative/senator; it's a way for him/her to make a difference for millions of children and families. 

State the problem: There is a limited timeframe during which we can make the reforms necessary to insure U.S. investments in global health have their greatest impact. 

Inform on the solution: With the representative’s/senator’s support, we can save 15 million children’s lives and 600,000 mother’s lives by 2020. 

Call to action: We’d really like to meet in person with the representative/senator, even for a few minutes, to share some information forthcoming legislation and let him/her know about our community's interest in this issue. Can you find us a time during the August recess for us to meet with the representative/senator locally?

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