Global Laser Talk April 2014

April 11, 2014

Roleplay: Pitching the Global Partnership for Education Story to Your Editor


I hope you’re well. Thank you for your stellar editorial on [issue/subject].

I’m part of a group of local volunteers focused on poverty issues, and on the heels of the referendum we’ve been partnering with [local school board member] to draw attention to education issues globally. I thought [newspaper] might also be interested in taking a look at the global education crisis and how it relates to us here in [your city or state].

The world still has a long way to go on education: nearly 40% of grade school children globally still can’t read or write. Fortunately, we can do something about it this spring: the only international organization focused on education, the Global Partnership for Education, is inviting donors like the U.S. government to an important conference in June to help get 29 million more kids in school worldwide.

Might you be available for a quick meeting to discuss writing on global education? I have some brief background information on the issue and what it means for [your city or state]—politically, economically, and morally.

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