Global Laser Talk December 2011

December 10, 2011

Getting a Recess Meeting with Your Member of Congress

Hello! My name is __________, and I am a constituent from ________. I’m calling to schedule a meeting with Congresswoman _________ here in the local district office when she returns for recess.

I volunteer with RESULTS, an advocacy organization with activists in about 100 communities here in the U.S. We work on U.S. foreign policy as it affects the world’s poorest. We do a lot of work on global education, health, and economic opportunity, and we have a good presence in the district.

I know the congresswoman is very interested in (related issue to which the member of Congress is sympathetic). We particularly appreciated when she (cite an action she took).

My RESULTS group advocates for real poverty solutions that use our foreign aid investments wisely, make us more secure, and strengthen our economy. We’ll come to the meeting with some specific issues we want to discuss and relevant background materials.

When is the next time the congresswoman would be available to meet with us? Would you like this request in writing, or is there anything else that would be helpful as you schedule this meeting? And when should I check back with you about the appointment?

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