2022 Fall Campaign Resources

July 27, 2022

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Resources page! We know that elections are just the start of changing policy. And every two years during election season, we see a surge of people reach out to RESULTS wondering: after voting, what comes next?

That’s why this fall we’ll be taking action with our members of Congress – but even more importantly, we’ll be inviting new people to take those actions with us. We’ll support you to show up at campaign events, reach out into the community, and launch a word-of-mouth campaign, harnessing the power of relationships and shared values to invite people into this work. Our goal is to support all RESULTS groups and advocates to engage in community outreach and election advocacy to grow our movement and our groups.

And we have a powerful action agenda that will support your community engagement. We want them to help us pass and expanded Child Tax Credit by the end of the year, and pass three global bills on malnutrition, education, and TB. Read more about our Fall 2022 Campaign here (pdf).


Organizing Resources

Working with Congress and Candidates

Working with the Media

Working with your Community

Leverage the impact of your advocacy actions by bringing in friends, family, community, and allies to take action with you. Outreach is a critical part of moving political will forward to end poverty and oppression. Below you will find resources on how to do outreach successfully!


Global Policy Resources




The Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act (H.R.4693) was signed by President Biden and became law on October 19, 2022! This is a huge victory that will help save millions of lives around the world. Check out this blog post to learn more about how your advocacy makes a difference.


U.S. Policy Resources

Child Tax Credit

Renters’ Tax Credit

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