Fall 2022: Organizing, action, and elections

Advocates in front of the Capitol
Advocates in front of the Capitol

We know that elections are just the start of changing policy. And every two years during election season, we see a surge of people reach out to RESULTS wondering: after voting, what comes next?

That’s why this fall we’ll be taking action with our members of Congress – but even more importantly, we’ll be inviting new people to take those actions with us. We’ll support you to show up at campaign events, reach out into the community, and launch a word-of-mouth campaign, harnessing the power of relationships and shared values to invite people into this work. Our goal is to support all RESULTS groups and advocates to engage in community outreach and election advocacy to grow our movement and our groups.

Think back to your first action as an advocate. What made you want to do it? And how did it feel to pick up that phone, hit “submit” on that letter, or sit in that congressional office? That’s what we want to offer our communities—a transformational advocacy experience.

As new people come into RESULTS, we aren’t waiting around – together we’ll jump right into action on two big legislative goals. Throughout the fall we’ll have a series of actions that new and veteran advocates can take – from getting published in the media, to writing handwritten letters for Congress, to showing up at campaign events to both engage candidates and engage people in our communities. And after the elections, we’ll have a final advocacy push, using all the power we’ve built this fall to get Congress into action before year end.

Here’s a preview of what we want to accomplish with the power of a growing movement:

Equity and impact in global anti-poverty programs

Our goal: Three bills signed into law, requiring equity and impact in the fight against global poverty

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Nutritioncheck mark
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Educationcheck mark
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RESULTS grassroots started the year securing record-high U.S. government funding for the fight against global poverty. Now we’ll close the year working with new advocates to make sure that funding gets put to the best possible use, with equity at the center.

How is funding delivered? Does it reach the most marginalized communities? What are the priorities? Who is accountable for results, equity, and impact? Three new bills in Congress will shape the answer to these questions for the U.S. government strategy on education, tuberculosis, and nutrition globally.

What these bills require:

  • Bold, clear, and measurable goals focused on equity;
  • Accountability and transparency at all levels;
  • Priority for the lowest income communities and marginalized groups;
  • Partnership – not paternalism – with directly affected communities and countries;
  • Following the evidence: listening to local leaders and using the latest science.

Why these three bills matter:

Tuberculosis –

The world’s biggest infectious killer besides COVID, where progress has tumbled backward over the last two years. The disease is preventable, treatable, and curable, yet millions of people in poverty are denied care. The same systems are needed both to tackle this age old pandemic, and protect against pandemics of the future.

Nutrition –

Malnutrition was already the underlying cause of nearly half of child deaths, and now a ballooning global food crisis threatens access to quality nutrition for millions more children. Proven, low-cost solutions exist – but the world has to prioritize them for the kids who need them most.

Education – Virtually every child on earth faced disruptions to their education in the pandemic, but kids in the most marginalized communities – especially young girls – have faced many of the harshest consequences. How we respond now will determine if this turns into a catastrophe for an entire generation, or if we get back on track.

Economic justice through the tax code

Our goal: Bipartisan expansion of the Child Tax Credit by year end, and the groundwork for reducing poverty and housing instability with a Renters’ Tax Credit in the next Congress

Last year Congress proved that they could slash poverty through the tax code, by expanding the Child Tax Credit. But those changes expired, forcing millions back into poverty. Now Congress is considering extending a set of tax breaks for corporations this year. Both parties need to hear that it’s unacceptable to pass tax breaks for big corporations while leaving the lowest-income people behind.

We’re going to get to Congress in the media and on the campaign trail with a clear message: pass an expanded Child Tax Credit in a bipartisan way by the end of the year. And they shouldn’t stop there. The tax code is also a tool for tackling the country’s housing crisis, and we want to lay the groundwork for the next Congress to go a step further – creating the first federal Renter’s Tax Credit, along with permanent reductions in child poverty.

An expanded Child Tax Credit has been a longtime priority of ours, and we know the tax code can do even more to achieve economic justice. As we convince Congress to expand these existing credits, next on our list is using the tax code to help tackle the affordable housing crisis.

A renters’ tax credit would cap out-of-pocket rent and utilities expenses, so that low-income families can afford a safe place to live without sacrificing other basic needs. When a new Congress comes to DC in January, we will be ready to launch a multiyear new campaign focused on making this idea a lasting part of our tax code.

To lay the groundwork, as we talk to members of Congress this fall about the Child Tax Credit, we’ll remind them of the power of the tax code for broader economic justice, and invite them to make early commitments to using the tax code to benefit low-income renters.

Meanwhile, grassroots advocates will have the chance to join focus groups and learning sessions this fall to help design our new campaign from the ground up, before we launch with the new Congress in January.

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