You can take a Monthly Action personally, with your chapter, or during a community outreach meeting. A meeting guide and agenda is included.

Global Poverty

Monthly Action Sheets (Global Poverty)

July 2020 Global Action Contact Congress On COVID Response

July 2020: Congress has yet to create a global response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Lives and progress are at risk. We must remind Senators and Representatives of our leadership role in the world on global health and development and call for action. Use the July Global Action sheet to write your members of Congress. Also, use it to guide others in your community to take action. (PDF version, Word Version)

U.S. Poverty

Monthly Action Sheets (U.S. Poverty)

July 2020: Congress Must Protect Renters in next COVID-19 bill

Congress is expected to pass another COVID-19 response package in the next month. To ensure that emergency rental assistance and a national moratorium on evictions are part of this bill, directly tell your members of Congress, particularly senators, and their staff to make protecting renters a priority in legislative negotiations. Also use media to amplify that message.  (Word version)


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