Fall 2023

Build the Buy-in Campaign

Woman writes letter to the editor

When Congress and communities buy in to the same goals, change happens.

When Congress hears about your priorities for ending poverty and why they matter, they start to “buy in” to the goals that create change. Now that you’ve Set the Agenda and grown relationships with your lawmakers and fellow advocates, it’s time to build that buy-in for Congress to follow-through. This fall 2023, we will publish media, meet strategically with members of Congress, and connect with each other to build bipartisan buy-in for action on tuberculosis (TB), global education, economic justice in the tax code, and equity and impact in global anti-poverty programs.  

Woman writes letter to the editor

Media Map

During our Build the Buy-in Campaign, the goal is for advocates to publish at least 250 media pieces in all 50 states by the end of the year, with each RESULTS group publishing at least one piece.

Did you have a Letter to the Editor, Op-Ed, or other media piece published? Let us know here so we can add it to the map! 

The Media Map* counts media published by state. National media pieces are above the map. You can click on each box to view separate topics.

*Please note the map gets updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Nothing builds buy-in like sharing YOUR story

Click on the survey link below to share a written or short-form video story about your advocacy experience and why you want to end poverty. With your permission, RESULTS could share this story in our newsletter, social media, or with lawmakers! 

Campaign Issue Resources

Tuberculosis (TB) is back to being the world’s deadliest infectious disease, especially affecting communities that grapple with poverty. Right now is a unique opportunity to boost the will to take action on this preventable, curable disease. With the world’s eyes on the September 22 United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB, you can build the buy-in to set in motion an end to TB. 

Global Tuberculosis

The 2021 Child Tax Credit (CTC) expansion helped slash child poverty by almost half–that’s the power of the tax code. As renters and families with low incomes face barriers like inflation, you can build the buy-in for an expanded CTC and a new, bipartisan tax credit for renters as part of a tax code that prioritizes those living in poverty.

Child Tax Credit (CTC)

Renter Tax Credit (RTC)

In the past, you have helped secure record funds for global anti-poverty programs. Now, it’s time to build the buy-in throughout Congress to spend those funds supporting countries to expand access to basic education for all children (through reauthorizing the READ Act) and hold global organizations like the World Bank accountable for funding programs that tackle poverty and oppression. 

International Basic Education

Global Tuberculosis (see the Ending Tuberculosis section above for more)

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