Global Poverty Weekly Update April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Global Poverty Campaigns

Weekly Update | Week of April 11, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Early nutrition is the single best investment the world can make to advance health and prosperity." 

– Lucy Martinez Sullivan, executive director of 1000 Days

Kicking Off Our Nutrition Campaign (and Webinar Tonight, April 12)!

April means the kick-off of our nutrition campaign, as part of our wider commitment to maternal/child health and its intersection with deepest poverty. We have lots of great information and support in store for you as we launch this campaign, so look for a dedicated campaign page on our website in coming days. As we begin, some key starter items for you:

  • Issue Webinar on Tuesday, April 12, 9 pm ET. Join John Fawcett, director of our global legislative campaigns, as he outlines the basics of our nutrition campaign. What's the background? What's the issue needing to be solved? What are the policy change opportunities? Join us at or dial (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 31404402. 
  • Action Sheet. Ready to put those media muscles back to work? Take hold of this month's action sheet and write a letter to the editor about the need for the U.S. to show up in a big way at the Nutrition for Growth Summit slated for later this year. Mother's Day is approaching. Could there be a more perfect time to raise your voice on the need for good nutrition in the life of every child? 
  • Editorial Packet. Grab a hold of our latest editorial packet, titled "1000 Days That Decide Everything: Child Malnutrition and What the World Can Do." The editorial packet is the perfect resource for those longer op-ed pieces you plan to write and for those editorial pitches you plan to make to your local newspapers. 
  • Recording of April National Grassroots Webinar/Conference Call. On our website, you'll find a recording of the April 9 national webinar/conference call with Lucy Martinez Sullivan of 1000 Days. Terrific insights – and great questions from you, our grassroots advocates!
  • Watch for More Support Materials. An editorial packet, support for a related fundraising campaign called Road to Rio, support for an outreach meeting, and more are on the way.

Learning, Connection, Inspiration. That's the International Conference.

Have you wanted to learn more about what makes for a really great lobby meeting (straight from the perspective of people who work with legislators)? Have you wanted to learn more about creating a solid outreach meeting? Or how to achieve that sought-after breakthrough in your media work? Maybe you've never met RESULTS advocates and allies from our international affiliations and partnerships . . . but you'd like to. Then this is the conference for you!

1. Earlybird Rate Available Through April 30. Learning, connecting, making change, having fun, making memories. That's what's in store for all of us in DC during International Conference! Registration is open at the earlybird discount rate! If you want to come to the International Conference but are finding it difficult to gather all of the resources necessary to afford lodging and registration, let us know what your need is via our online form. We’ll do our best to support you!

2. Pre-IC and Post-IC Intensives. We are offering two extra opportunities to gain skills and have an impact at the 2016 IC. Below are the details on each of the workshop. Please join us! Both workshops will take place at the Washington Court Hotel, the same location as the RESULTS International Conference. If you are interested, check out this online application form.

Pre-IC Workshop: Global Health Network Building. There are more people in our communities who care about, or are active in global health than we know. How do we connect with them and work together to create political will in our communities? Come to this pre-conference workshop and find out how to connect with AMSA (American Medical Students Association), GlobeMed, Public Health officials, TB Controllers, and others to create a powerful force for global health in your community. Date: Friday June 24, 3-6 pm, then dinner.

Post-IC Workshop: We’re All in This Together: Global Fund Op-ed Writing Workshop. A robust replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria later this year will be critical in our continued efforts to end these epidemics by 2030. Join us for this oped writing workshop where you’ll draft your own Global Fund oped and learn how to pitch it. We’ll also have some participants team up with partners from our RESULTS and ACTION global health network to explore writing joint opeds that can be published in both countries. Date: Wednesday June 29, 8:30 am-1:30 pm, including lunch.

3. International Conference Discount Code for United Airlines. Conference attendees now have access to a code for a discounted fare on their United flight to/from the International Conference. Here's what to do:

Option 1

  • Go to the United home page (, in the middle of the page there are the flight search boxes, and just left of the “Search” button there is the “Advanced Search”- CLICK “Advanced Search”.
  • Fill out all the appropriate fields, as if you were booking your flight.  Fill out the last box- “Promotions and certificates”.
  • In the “Promotions and certificates” field enter: ZWK4473457.
  • CLICK “Search”- flights showing will reflect the discount.

Option 2

  • Go to the United home page ( scroll down to the lower 1/3 of the screen, then CLICK “Products & Services”
  • Three columns of options will display.  The last option in the middle is “Travel for groups & meetings”- CLICK this one.
  • SCROLL down, and CLICK “United Meetings”.
  • CLICK “Book meeting reservations”
  • In the Offer Code box enter: ZWK4473457, CLICK arrow to the right.
  • Proceed to book your flight, flights showing will reflect the discount.

4. Are You an Aspiring Young Advocate-Leader? Consider applying for a REAL Change Fellowship! We are looking for you! We are recruiting the next generation of young activists and leaders in fighting poverty at home and abroad. RESULTS will train and guide you to create personal relationships with policymakers in Congress and other branches of government. We’ll train and support you to speak powerfully and engage with the media and your community. RESULTS has proven over the past 35 years that when people like you use their voices effectively, we can make progress towards ending poverty. For more information, see our website. And for inspiration from our current cohort of REAL Change fellows, check out this latest post by Kaylee Rogers

5. Five Reasons to Attend the International Conference. What could they be? Take a look! (But let's face it – there are definitely more than five!)

The Reach Act: How's Our Progress?

You've already reached 115 total cosponsors (including the bill's lead). Just 35 cosponsors to go to reach our June goal of 150. Fantastic work! Plus, the Senate version of the legislation, S.1911, has 16 names on the legislation. This is also great news. 

Four key moves you can make:

1. Book meetings with your legislators to discuss the Reach Act and make your requests. 

2. Write your representative about the Reach Act. Ask Democrats to bring along a Republican colleague.

3. Write your senators! Again, ask Democrats to bring along a Republican colleague.

4. Write your local paper! And, if you've been published, have you posted your piece on social media and sent a copy to your legislators?

RESULTS Expansion and Board Nominations

Where are We Growing Next? Read up on all the expansion work cooking this spring and how you can connect friends far and wide with our movement to end the worst aspects of poverty at home and abroad. 

Who Might You Nominate? We are pleased to announce that the RESULTS & RESULTS Educational Fund Grassroots Board Member election will be held this summer, with one seat being filled in July. Grassroots Board Members play a vital role in the RESULTS family, representing our volunteer network on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Boards of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund. We are seeking nominations of RESULTS activists who would be strong candidates for this role. We encourage participation from any active RESULTS volunteer including those from diverse populations including young adults and racial and ethnic minorities. Eligible candidates to be a Grassroots Board Member must have at least one year active experience as a RESULTS volunteer in the United States. Nominations are due by Monday, May 2For more information on qualifications and the nomination process, contact Jack McLaughlin

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

April 12, 9 pm ET. Global Nutrition Issue Webinar. Join John Fawcett, director of our global legislative campaigns, as he outlines the basics of our nutrition campaign. What's the background? What's the issue needing to be solved? What are the policy change opportunities? Join us at or dial (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 31404402. 

April 13, 9 pm ET. RESULTS Introductory Call. The perfect RESULTS primer. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

April 21, 9 pm ET. Webinar: Seeing the RESULTS of Our Advocacy: Regional Coordinator Debrief on Trip to Kenya. To join online meeting: To join by phone: (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 32248090. 

May 14, 2 pm ET. May National Webinar/Conference Call for Grassroots – Global Campaigns. Login information: To join by phone only, dial (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 30204806.

June 25-28. RESULTS 2016 International Conference. 

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