Getting “unstuck” with your members of Congress using Motivational Interviewing techniques (Sep. 2021)

September 22, 2021

Are you struggling to move your member of Congress into action? Do you often find yourself butting heads with them or feeling frustrated by their inaction or resistance? Then this is the series for you!

In six monthly sessions, you’ll gain skills using the Motivational Interviewing process to have an effective dialogue with members of Congress you struggle to move into action, as well as to have meaningful value-based conversations with others. This training will help you transcend the adversarial mindset and use values-based advocacy to make the case for change. We’ll talk about using these techniques in lobby meetings, phone calls, letters/e-mails, and even in your own interpersonal relationships. Click below for past session resources like PowerPoint Slides and Recordings.

View here for:

Session 1: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Session 2: Using the OARS technique (Open-ended Questions, Affirming, Reflective Listening, Summarizing)

Session 3: Using DARN-CAT technique (Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, Commitment, Activation [Willingness], Taking Steps)

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