RESULTS advocates for policies that increase access to affordable rental housing, support homeownership, and tackle the racial wealth divide in the U.S.

Housing & Home Ownership Resources

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Monthly Action Sheets (U.S. Poverty)

April 2019 U.S. Poverty Action

Use April’s Recess to Set the Agenda Face-to-Face with Members of Congress

2019 International Conference Resources

Find all the resources, forms, and info you need for the 2019 RESULTS International Conference here.

Lobbying Tools

RESULTS Affordable Rental Housing Congressional Requests (March 2019)

Address the housing crisis by increasing rental assistance.

Monthly Action Sheets (U.S. Poverty)

March 2019 U.S. Poverty Action

Meet Face-to-Face with Members of Congress about Affordable Housing and Tax Policy

Laser Talks (U.S. Poverty)

Affordable Rental Housing Laser Talk

Increase access to affordable rental housing

Monthly Action Sheets (U.S. Poverty)

February 2019 U.S. Poverty Action

Urge Congress to allocate funding for the Housing Choice Voucher program (Word Version)

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