Group Leader Training and Handbook

Are you a new or existing Group Leader? Explore our Group Leader training modules and learn how to become an effective Group Leader.

You can move through each module sequentially, following the learning plan for each module so that the material transforms into a training opportunity.

Or you can use the material as a handbook, clicking on whichever module you need to reference.

Take this moment to consider your passion and purpose.

  • How will serving in the role of Group Leader help you fulfill your purpose?
  • What would you like to contribute?

The Orient-Understand module will provide a high level overview of the Group Leader role, expectations, accountability and the support available to you.

The Acclimate-Basic Training module will deepen your understanding of your accountabilities as a Group Leader and the processes that support your success and get you started in your Group Leader role.

The Lead-Practice module guides you through running and reviewing your first meeting. You will also plan ahead so that you are prepared and can focus on producing results with your group.

The Delegate-Plan module introduces the foundational elements of planning group activities, making and delegating assignments, and communicating for action. Using these tools helps clarify and encourage accountability.

Groups and teams are comprised of individuals with a range of values, motivations, and intents. These individuals as well as the group or team itself as an entity are energized and motivated when they find meaning and purpose to their work and contributions. One challenge Group Leaders face is sustaining that engagement, renewing that engagement, and transforming it into growth and strength that benefits the group as a whole. The hope and intention are that the Group Leader’s work in engaging the team can be fuel for the group’s energy and productivity – that the effort will help the group continually re-imagine the dream that calls the team forward in the first place.

Check out our Current Volunteers page for additional resources for growing and sustaining your RESULTS group.

(Credit to Gail Hughes for her collaboration and expertise lent to this project and to Anne Child for her time and skills in editing.)

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