With coronavirus or any pandemic, it’s the communities experiencing poverty and already pushed to the margins that face the greatest risks. We’re committed to the health and safety of our volunteers and staff as we work toward our mission. Check back for logistical updates, as well as advocacy actions on coronavirus and poverty.

Latest from the Hill

Coronavirus and poverty updates from Capitol Hill

This page will be regularly updated as Congress debates the next stage of the pandemic response. Check back regularly for a dispatch from Capitol Hill and actions you can take.

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What can you do? Speak up in the media.

Even in the middle of everything going on right now, we’ve heard from many of you asking, “What can I do?” If you’re ready for advocacy, here’s what we recommend: Write to the media.

Analysis & Commentary

Looking ahead: What's next for RESULTS

This pandemic is exposing just how far the world has to go toward protecting the rights and needs of everyone – and just what an important role advocates like you can play. For those of you with questions about our work in the context of this crisis, we wanted to share some of our plans, even as things continue to change. 

Analysis & Commentary

Responding to coronavirus globally with science and solidarity

With coronavirus or any pandemic, we know it’s the communities facing poverty and already pushed to the margins that face the greatest threats. Viruses don’t discriminate, but people and policies too often do.

Analysis & Commentary

Messaging during the pandemic

Messaging tips for advocates working to influence U.S. government policy on coronavirus and poverty.


Below are some frequently asked questions about RESULTS operations as this situation evolves. Please check back regularly as we will continue to update this list as needed. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send it to [email protected].

Yes, we are. Staff are available to help and support you in your important advocacy work. Note however that the RESULTS DC office physically closed on March 13, so all our DC staff are working from home until further notice. Staff will still be able to access the information and resources needed to support you, our volunteers, in your critical advocacy work. Similarly, little will change with regard to the RESULTS website, e-mail updates and actions, online resources, and scheduled webinars (including dial-in numbers). We ask for your patience and understanding if certain requests are delayed. If any changes in RESULTS activities and events are needed, we will notify you at the earliest possible time.

Because of the physical office closure, we expect some short delays on traditional mail correspondence, including donation receipt and acknowledgment letters.

As usual, if you have a question for staff, please call us using the RESULTS directory at 202.783.4800 or contact staff directly via e-mail.

We trust you to do what’s best for you. If you need to attend to your own health and well-being, or that of persons close to you, please do. We welcome you back when you’re ready.

As with most crises and natural disasters, it is the world’s most vulnerable communities that typically experience the greatest hardship. We must keep our shoulders to the wheel, pushing for policies that will help people meet their basic needs in this crisis and beyond. Writing letters, making phone calls, sending e-mails, generating media, and doing lobby meetings are all things that can be done online in the comfort of your own home. If you need to do some kind of coordinated activity involving your group, again set up a free Zoom account or other free conferencing service to connect and plan.

No. RESULTS has always promoted the importance and value of in-person gatherings in our advocacy work, but for now we recommend against getting together in person, until public health authorities say otherwise. Our volunteers’ health and safety are paramount. Here are some considerations in light of the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • For the monthly webinar or other regular local meetings, please transition to gathering virtually. For the monthly RESULTS National Webinar, anyone can join remotely on their own at no additional cost to RESULTS (either via webinar or toll-free dial-in numbers).
  • Do not plan public events until your local health officials say it is OK.
  • Please work with your fellow group members to find other ways to stay connected and in action. Creating a free Zoom account makes it easy for you to hold local meetings remotely as needed.

Yes – via webinar or phone, not in person. Many people are looking for ways to stay engaged and connected from home. However, have a follow-up plan. Set up a local Zoom meeting for your group to plan lobby meetings and other group activities and be sure to invite new people to join in the discussion. It will make them feel welcomed.

Instead of lobbying in person, you can request a virtual lobby meeting via Zoom or conference call with your members of Congress or their staff. Include all your group members and any new advocates in those meetings.

Until the crisis has passed, we would not recommend attending an in-person town hall. We assume most public officials will be proactive and cancel larger gatherings like town halls anyway. If your member of Congress has a virtual town hall, definitely sign up to attend!

You can download some materials from our website. You can also still order RESULTS marketing materials (brochures, etc.) here. However, certain materials that come from the office may be delayed.

For everyone’s health and safety, we are moving the 2020 RESULTS International Conference from an in-person gathering to a virtual, online-only format.

The pandemic means we can’t all be together in Washington, DC, but we will still host a weekend of learning, action, and connecting with advocates across the country and around the globe.

On June 20 and 21, a number of special guests — national and global leaders — will join us for a special digital program. And then we’ll have a week of action, with coordinated, powerful advocacy.

We’ll miss the benefit of being together in-person, but we hope this also means we can have even more people participate, without the barrier of travel.

Stay tuned for new speaker and workshop announcements, plans for advocacy days, and details about registration. For questions, please see our FAQ on the conference, our latest coronavirus updates, and a short look at our larger advocacy plans in this new context.

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

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