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August 11, 2011

Our Activist Toolkit Supplements

Start with our Activist Toolkit!

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Our Training Calls & Webinars

Educate yourself on RESULTS issues and learn advocacy skills through these RESULTS trainings.

Ongoing: Monthly National Conference Grassroots Calls/Webinars

October 2018: Broadcast Media and the 2018 Elections (Download accompanying pitch tool)

October 3, 2018: RESULTS Action Network Community of Practice Monthly Webinar

September 26, 2018: Captivating the Masses: Multi-Cultural Outreach and Recruitment

September 5, 2018: Join the RESULTS Action Network Community of Practice

February 21, 2018: Tuberculosis and Global Poverty: Our Work as RESULTS Advocates (Slides)

January 23, 2018: Appropriations 101 Review and Overview of FY2019 Requests (Slides)

October 30, 2017: Proven Tools for Bringing Out Leadership in Others

October 18, 2017: Building Your Action Network (Slides)

October 3, 2017: They're Interested in RESULTS. Now What? 

September 27, 2017: Community Mapping for Outreach & Engagement (Slides)

September 21, 2017: Using VolunteerMatch

September 13, 2017: The Global Partnership for Education: What Is It, and Why Do We Care? 

April 12, 2017: It's Go Time: Tools and Practices for Engaging Your Community in Advocacy

March 15, 2017: Creating Bipartisan Support for Our Issues in Our Communities

February 8, 2017: Appropriations 101 – Global Poverty (FY18)

February 1, 2017: Mapping and Engaging Community Groups Powerfully with RESULTS Tools

January 26, 2017: Building Champions in Congress

January 19, 2017: Researching Members of Congress for Deeper Relationships (with downloadable tools and tips)

January 18, 2017: Building the Advocacy Pyramid in Our Communities

January 11, 2017: Building Relationships with Congressional Offices: How to Set Up Meetings

December 14, 2016: After the Election: Talking about RESULTS 

April 21, 2016: Webinar with RCs who traveled to Kenya in February

April 12, 2016: Deep Dive on Global Nutrition (including slides)

March 31, 2016: Advocacy 101 Webinar

March 23, 2016: World TB Day Outreach Webinar

February 16, 2016: Growing Your Group with Great Outreach

January 27, 2016: How to Speak Powerfully About Appropriations (with slidedeck)

January 26, 2016: Champion Scale and Powermapping (with slidedeck)

January 12, 2016: Researching Your Member of Congress

November 10, 2015: State of TB in the World webinar (with slidedeck)

July 2015: Storytelling Workbook from 2015 International Conference

June 3, 2015: The Trans Pacific Partnership and our Global Health Work

June 2, 2015: Advocacy 101 and What to Expect at the 2015 RESULTS International Conference

June 1, 2015: Community Letter-Writing for Impact on our Maternal/Child Health Campaign

April 1, 2015: Issue Briefing: Maternal/Child Health & Nutrition Campaign Kick-off

March 18, 2015: Media Training: Using Letters to the Editor and Op-eds to Make A Difference

February 24, 2015: Advanced Advocacy Training: Champion Scale. How can we track ways of influencing members of Congress to take their leadership on our issues to the next level?

February 24, 2015: Advanced Advocacy Training: Powermapping. Charting out ways to reach and influence members of Congress.

February 17, 2015: Webinar: How to Have an Effective In-District Lobby Meeting

February 11, 2015: Webinar: Engaging Activists Using the Ladder of Engagement. How do we engage new people? Where are they starting from and how do we take them to the new place of empowerment? There are some great tools here. Accompanying slides.

January 18, 2015: Webinar: Building Support for Global Development. Change the conversation: Learn how you can use your voice to change public attitudes about global development. This is a must for all global advocates. Download accompanying User Guide and Toolkit here.

May 12, 2014: Influencing Your Members of Congress and companion PowerPoint. (We acknowledge Cahaya Mind, LLC and Sunil Bhaskaran as originators of this content.  Please do not redistribute or use for commercial purposes other than for training of volunteers.

March 18, 2014: Getting to "Yes" With Editorial Writers

September 21, 2013: Reclaiming Our Democracy Book Party Call with Sam Daley-Harris, Muhammad Yunus, Joanne Carter

August 2013: Webinar on Recruiting Returned International Volunteers

August 2013: Building Bipartisan Champions with Guest former Congressman Lee Hamilton (D-IN)

March 2013: Building Bipartisan Champions

February 2013: Webinar on Establishing Relationships with Members of Congress

September 2012: Strategy Call for World Bank Media Work

August 2012: Overview of Fall EFA Campaign Objectives and Tactics

May 2012: Child Survival Media Push Brainstorming Call

April 2012: Overview of Quarter 2 Global Campaigns Advocacy with John Fawcett

February 2012: Summary of Senate Microfinance Legislation

September 2011: Children and Tuberculosis briefing by ACTION's Mandy Slutsker

August 17, 2011: Training Call on Generating Education Media with Jove Oliver and Ken Patterson

August 10, 2011: Training call on the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (FTI) with Sarah Beardmore and Jen Maurer

February 18, 2010: RESULTS Grassroots Website Tour: A guided tour of the RESULTS website

November 2009: Brainstorming Call on passing HR 2000: House bill to award Dr. Muhammad Yunus the Congressional Gold Medal

November 2009: Education Brainstorming Call to create a Global Fund for Education

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