Global Poverty Weekly Update November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Global Poverty Campaigns

Weekly Update | November 16, 2015



The Reach Act: Don't Stop Now

1. The House and Senate Bills. Are your senators and representatives cosponsors? The Reach Act in the House (H.R. 3706) and in the Senate (S.1911) are grounded in the global consensus that ending preventable maternal and child deaths by 2035 is possible.

Take Action on H.R. 3706: Use the October Action Sheet. So far, we have 15 Republican signers and 19 Democrat signers from 18 states. Keep going!

Take Action on S.1911: Use the August Action Sheet. Right now, we have 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats on the bill from 6 states. Can you help us get out of our "signer stall"?

Plus, the bill texts can be found online, and you can even track cosponsorship progress.

2. Get Published. Use the September Action Sheet or our online action to help you write a letter to the editor calling for Congress to get behind the Reach Act. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. A healthy chance for everyone . . . something we can get behind and be thankful for! Stay tuned; we'll have a running tally of your astonishing media work soon.

TB/Global Fund Round-up

As we look ahead to Global Fund replenishment in 2016, consider taking our new TB action, reading our own executive director Joanne Carter's opinion piece on TB in the New York Times, watching our recent State of TB in the World webinar, and watching our November national grassroots webinar featuring Dr. Christoph Benn of the Global Fund!

Fall Fundraising: Your Money Will Stretch With This Amazing Match

Longtime volunteer and donor Peter Fiekowsky has put forward a challenge match for Grassroots Fundraising this month. If we can collectively raise over $25,000 through Friends & Family campaigns from Nov 1-Nov 30, Peter will contribute an additional $10,000 to RESULTS. Join him in raising the funds RESULTS’ needs to power its work by the end of the year.

TAKE ACTION. Take twenty minutes to help us meet our $100,000 goal through our simple Friends & Family Campaigns! Here are the three easy steps to get you started. (If you have questions, please contact Jen DeFranco or Jerusa Contee for assistance.)

1. Set a goal for the amount you want to raise.

2. Create your own Friends and Family Fundraising page. Online resources can be found on the website to help make your planning of your friends and family fundraising page easier to manage. Here are the options available:

  • Friends and Family: A page for general fundraising outreach
  • Celebrations: In honor of a birthday, milestone, holiday, etc.
  • 35th Anniversary: Celebrating RESULTS 35th Anniversary
  • Virtual Thanksgiving Page: Using the Thanksgiving holiday to fundraise
  • Race to End Poverty: Use a physical challenge such as a walk or run to fundraise

Of course, if you prefer to do a letter campaign we can help you do that too.

3. Invite your friends and family to donate to RESULTS through your page or mailed in.

World AIDS Day: We Turn Our Sights to the Global Fund

This year on World AIDS Day (December 1), RESULTS will be kicking off our Global Fund replenishment campaign. Global Fund replenishment will happen sometime early next summer, and we want to build momentum now towards a bold U.S. pledge. We have set an ambitious goal of 50 events nationwide on World AIDS Day. These events will be designed to educate and organize our communities about RESULTS and the Global Fund as well as grow our grassroots base. This is a great opportunity to grow your group and get ready for the replenishment. Sign up to host a World AIDS Day event today.

Upcoming Events

November 20, 1 pm ET. The perfect RESULTS primer. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

December 9, 9 pm ET. RESULTS Introductory Call. The perfect RESULTS primer. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

December 12, 2 pm ET. National Grassroots Webinar (Global Campaigns). Login information: To join by phone only, dial (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 30204806.

December 14, 8 pm ET. Are you a RESULTS activist with our global poverty campaigns, living in a town with no RESULTS group? You are alone no more! To join, go to or (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 27781074. Contact Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate, for more information on this monthly gathering.

June 25-28. RESULTS 2016 International Conference. 


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Quote of the Week

"Showing your passion, love, and selflessness with those that don't get to see it typically. Sharing stories. Transforming lives through sharing facts, stories, and passion. Something so simple but yet so complex. Something so rare but yet so necessary. The beat to the heart that runs through us all. The voice that never felt louder. The moments you never felt so big. That's what advocacy means to me."

– Belinda Heldreth Steinel, RESULTS advocate

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