Global Poverty Weekly Update December 9, 2019

December 10, 2019

Quote of the Week

“Great leaders are pragmatists who can deal with difficult realities but still have the optimism and courage to act.”

– Nitin Nohria

Grassroots Support Updates

Schedule for December and January

The Saturday, December 14 national webinar at 2 pm ET will focus on how we’re finishing up the year and how this will position us for a great start to 2020.

January 11, 1-2 pm ET (special time): Joint National Grassroots Webinar. We’ll lay out 2020 US and Global poverty campaigns and introduce the “RESULTS 2020 Roadmap,” the planning process for groups and Free Agents.

To join the webinars online, log in at or by phone at (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 510407386. The closed captioning link is


We got some very helpful feedback on how to make our national webinars more efficient and helpful to all our grassroots in 2020. Read on . . .

Schedule starting in February

February 1, 1-2:30 pm ET: The new RESULTS National Grassroots Webinar!

    • 1-1:30 pm ET: U.S. Poverty speaker and campaign information.
    • 1:30-2 pm ET: Grassroots Café: organizing, shares, in-room activities with your group, calendar, events, etc.
    • 2–2:30 pm ET: Global Poverty speaker and campaign information.

For February and beyond, except for July, national webinars will be held on the first Saturday of the month at 1 pm ET and will follow the February format outlined above. The move to the first Saturday in the month will give you more time in the month to take action while avoiding a number of holiday weekends.

Weekly Update. Starting by the end of January, we’ll be combining the U.S. Poverty and Global Poverty Weekly Updates. Whether you are working on one set of issues or both, you’ll find what you need for the week in one email instead of two. The e-mail version of the update will link to an extended version on the RESULTS website.

Text Actions. We hope to roll out the ability to receive RESULTS action alerts via text message during the first half of the year. More to come.

We hope you’ll enjoy these enhanced means of support, making your advocacy easier and even more powerful!

Still Time for Nutrition Resolution Work (and Celebrating Global Fund Success, Too)

Request Cosponsorship on Nutrition. Things are moving fast on the nutrition resolutions, but there is still time this week (particularly in the next 24 hours in the Senate) to get in touch with a representative or senator to ask for nutrition resolution cosponsorship via our online action, an in-district meeting, or perhaps a conference call. Even as we close the loop on Global Fund work, we are moving forward with our nutrition campaign in advance of key nutrition moments next year.

The U.S. pledged to the Global Fund. Congress passed the resolutions supporting the Global Fund. But continued positive pressure will help the U.S. see through on the pledge.

Tell the Tale. Let fellow advocates and supporters know that our advocacy has worked and that they are part of the success! Share the highlights using our blog post.

Say Thanks. Use our Global Fund congressional online action to thank House and Senate members for their support. Keep the issue front and center.

Support People to Get Published with the Holidays as the Hook. Letters are being written and submitted every day. Others can join in, penning a letter to the editor highlighting the Global Fund success, bipartisan cooperation, and what the Global Fund means for the world. Use our December Action Sheet or our quick online action.

Webinar Naming Contest 

In February, our national webinar takes on a new format (combined U.S. and global), new day (first Saturday of the month), and new time (1 pm ET). We think a fresh new move like this deserves a fresh new name as well.

Since many of our best ideas come from our grassroots, we’re running a contest to name the new webinar. The winner will receive a free registration for the 2020 RESULTS International Conference.

Submit your name suggestion for our new combined national grassroots webinar to [email protected] by Wednesday, January 8. The winner and new name will be announced on the January 11 national webinar.

Advocacy Training Recordings to Help Anyone

Recently, our Expansion Team completed a training series with many across the country interested in joining RESULTS for the first time. The recordings of this wide-ranging advocacy basics training are available to you online as well! Campaigns overviews, understanding Congress, media skills, meeting with members of Congress, and even a bit on grassroots organizing in general.

Check out the recording set on our website. (Click the drop-down for the recording for each topic listed.)


Next Full Congressional Recess Starts December 21.

RESULTS Office Closed for Winter Break: December 25-January 1.

New Advocate Orientation. December 11, 8:30 pm. ET. If you are new to RESULTS, know someone new to RESULTS, or want to become a RESULTS advocate, join us for New Advocate Orientation! During this live webinar, you’ll interact with RESULTS staff and other new volunteers, learn more about our advocacy model and issues, and get information on next steps. Sign up here.

National Webinar for Global Poverty Campaigns. December 14, 2 pm ET. To join the webinar online, log in at or by phone at (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 510407386. Closed captioning link:

Global Free Agents Webinars. December 16, 1 pm ET only. Join a great conversation via or, by phone, dial (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 285681999. Need a different time? Contact Ken Patterson.

Joint National Grassroots Webinar. January 11, 1 pm ET. It’s at an earlier time, and we’ll welcome our U.S. poverty colleagues.

To join the webinar online, log in at or by phone at (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 510407386. Closed captioning link:

Action Network Community of Practice. January 15, 8:30 pm ET. Do you want to engage more people in your community? Do you have people who want to take action but are not ready to be volunteers yet? This group works together to identify the best ways to recruit, organize, manage, and inspire our local Action Networks. Join in at or dial (929) 436-2866 or (669) 900-6833, meeting ID 427674133.

Anti-Oppression Training Webinar. January 16. Stay Tuned.  

New National Grassroots Webinars Begin in February.

RESULTS International Conference. June 20-23, 2020 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC. We’ll be celebrating our 40th birthday, and registration is now open. Will you be there?

Resources at Your Fingertips


Contact the Grassroots Board Members of the RESULTS Board. Also, you can view the most recently published minutes from Board meetings on the RESULTS website, as well as view RESULTS’ most recent Annual Report.

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