Building on strong foundations

Young girl sits in a classroom at a desk writing with a pencil

“A child must learn to add and subtract before doing algebra and must learn how to sound out letters before reading a book. These early literacy and numeracy skills, along with key social and emotional skills, are core to what a child will eventually need for their everyday lives—whether calculating correct change or reading a doctor’s note—and they’re a platform on which to build a future.” – Joanne Carter, RESULTS Executive Director

Young girl sits in a classroom at a desk writing with a pencil
REPORT: Building on strong foundations

About the report

The cornerstone of RESULTS’ work in global education advocacy is that education is a right, not a privilege. 

We know that while the world has made significant progress on access to education, millions of children are still denied the quality learning that is their right, even if they make it to school.

Persistent barriers to learning remain: poverty, conflict, the lingering impact of pandemic-related school closures, and exclusion based on gender, disability, ethnicity, and more. Without targeted action, an unrelenting focus on equity, support for local leadership, and backing from agencies like USAID, hundreds of millions of children around the world will continue to be denied the foundational learning that they deserve. 

Now is the time to act, and this report sheds important light on steps USAID can take to strengthen the equity and impact of its investments in foundational learning. 

REPORT: Building on strong foundations

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