Top Five Things to Do Now that the International Conference is Over

July 2, 2014
by Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate

Can it already be over? The International Conference annually brings moments of empowerment, insight, action, and fun, and the 2014 installment of the conference was no exception. But there are a few key things you can do this week to make sure that all the learning and lobbying is properly captured and catalyzed. Take these five actions to make sure your post-conference time packs a punch!

1. Follow-up with Congress. Contact each member of Congress with whom you met and follow up on the requests you laid out in your meetings as well as any promises made by your legislators. Remember: if you don't follow up, it's almost like the meeting never happened!

2. Report Your Lobby Meetings. Make sure we have a record of each lobby meeting you had. The conference evaluation is open for you; tell us what worked, what didn't, and what would make 2015's conference even better.

4. Inform the Media. Adapt our sample media advisory and submit it to your local paper soon. Let them know that a local resident or two made a splash in Washington!

5. Tell the Story. Gather your group, community allies, and those curious about RESULTS to tell them stories of what you experienced, what you learned, and what's next for your advocacy. You can even share some terrific video from our plenary sessions. Then invite folks to your next RESULTS gathering or event!

Take some time before the Independence Day holiday for these five finishing touches to our great work together. Onward!

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