Help Keep Us on Track for the Beginning of the End of AIDS

November 26, 2013
by Colin Smith, Deputy Director of Communications

This morning our friends at the ONE Campaign released their annual AIDS report, monitoring progress toward the beginning of the end of AIDS and mapping out how we can get there. Here’s the upshot:

 “If current rates of acceleration in both adding individuals to treatment and in reducing new HIV infections continue, we will achieve the beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015.”

The most important word in that sentence? Acceleration.

We’ve made incredible gains toward a tipping point where the number of new people on treatment exceeds the number of new infections (check out ONE’s infographic for a detailed look at the progress). But that doesn’t mean we can afford to stand still. Right now we have the chance to set the pace for the years ahead. World leaders gather in Washington one week from today to make commitments to the fight against AIDS – as well as TB and malaria – at the Global Fund Replenishment.

RESULTS advocates have been making noise all fall, securing dozens of media placements across the country to demonstrate why investing in the Global Fund now is so critical. It’s time for one last step to make sure that message is heard in Washington.

Go the extra mile with your media success:

Whether you’re the author or not, you can share one (or all!) of these great pieces on social media, using the hashtag #BeTheGeneration and mentioning our leaders with their Twitter handles. If you can, get others to leave positive comments on online pieces, or encourage them to write a letter to the editor in response. And send media directly to your Members of Congress, being sure to include a note about why these issues are so important to you.

Need the list of media hits? We’re updating it regularly here.

Later this weekend, you can page through the entire ONE report over a plate of leftovers. But right now – even before the turkey goes in the oven – take a few minutes to help make sure we’re on track for the beginning of the end of AIDS.

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