January 2011 RESULTS Domestic Conference Call: 2011 Campaigns Kickoff and Set Up Lobby Meetings

January 8, 2011
by Meredith Dodson, Director of U.S. Poverty Campaigns

We started the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) for low-income working families, and fundraising work throughout 2010. We then launched our 2011 RESULTS Domestic Campaigns with the help of of two great guest speakers. Justin King from the New America Foundation shared his expertise on why assets and savings matters for those interested in ending poverty and specifics about the Saver’s Bonus.  Helen Blank at the National Women’s Law Center shared the importance of investments in Early Childhood Development programs, focusing on Head Start/Early Head Start and funding for child care.

This month, our focus is on scheduling face-to-face lobby visits with senators and representatives to discuss our campaign priorities, and specifically to build support early childhood development programs, especially Head Start and child care, for a smarter, healthier and stronger America. Take action now, and be sure to review the great tips in our monthly action sheet: https://results.org/take_action/us_poverty_actions_and_news/january_2011_u.s._poverty_action/. RESULTS organizer Jos Linn led a speaking training exercise to help you in securing face-to-face lobby meeting with members of Congress — this is a key moment when members are back home and formulating their agendas for 2011, so it’s a great time to get in early and effectively.

Jos also reviewed group planning—this is about how we can have maximum impact with our efforts. Cindy Changyit Levin, RESULTS grassroots leader from Illinois and a new staff member supporting grassroots fundraising efforts around the country, emphasized the importance of including fundraising goals in the planning process. We have group planning materials available on the website, including a sample agenda for your planning meeting and individual planning form and plan summary to complete. Also,

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