Global Fund Replenishment Will Happen in December, and We're Getting to Work! (Updated November 13)

November 13, 2013
by Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate

Between now and Thanksgiving, take the opportunity to be part of our media push so that the message is loud and clear: The U.S. must lead boldly in support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria during the December 3 replenishment conference. Progress in tackling these diseases of poverty is at a crossroads, and too many lives are at stake. We must act.

Need more information about what’s on the line and what we’re requesting? Need ideas on how to write your local paper or pitch the story to your local editorial staff? We have what you need!

  1. New! Your Media Highlights. Be encouraged and inspired by this blog post highlighting the fantastic work you've done so far.
  2. Editorial Packet. Use this packet great background on the issue as well story hooks, all in a succinct package you can even share with your local editorial writer.
  3. Laser Talk for an Editorial. Use this short talk to pitch our editorial packet to your local editor!
  4. Laser Talk for an Op-ed. Use this laser talk to pitch the terrific op-ed you're writing for your local paper.
  5. companion Powerpoint.
  6. Talking Points. Read these powerful talking points papers, including information on the impact that a $15 billion Global Fund pledge in December would have on the world, details on the life-saving results that the Global Fund has been achieving, and why now is a critical moment in Global Fund advocacy.
  7. October 2013 National Grassroots Conference Call for Global Campaigns. Full of information and inspiration related to both the Global Fund and our support of it, including the remarks of special guest Carol Nyirenda, executive director of CITAM+ Zambia. (Plus, companion PowerPoint.)
  8. companion PowerPoint.) 
  9. Action Sheet. Use and share this succinct resource to begin writing and pitching Global Fund letters to the editor.
  10. Education and Action Meeting Agenda. Need help customizing an agenda for a gathering of folks from your community who can come together to learn about the Global Fund and take action themselves? Download this handy guide!
  11. World Health Organization Report. Review ACTION’s response to the recently released WHO report flagging new data on tuberculosis (TB) and showing troubling data on the current state of the TB pandemic, including information on multi-drug resistant strains.

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