Be Ready to Meet Some Great REAL Change Fellows at the International Conference

June 14, 2014
by Carly Pildis, Outreach and Advocacy Associate

Dear RESULTS Groups and Advocates,

I am excited to tell you that many new REAL Change Fellows will be working with RESULTS groups (or eventually starting RESULTS groups) this year! Everyone at RESULTS is really excited about this program and I think it will be a great way to provide support to our groups and help them grow and succeed.

The REAL Change Organizing and Advocacy Fellowship grew out of our REAL Change Scholarship program. The program brought a lot of excited new faces to the conference, but as it grew it struggled to provide adequate support to people once they went home. REAL Changers also bonded during the conference and wanted to keep building that community of young activists that had started at the IC. We have come up with a yearlong fellowship program that begins with conference, but then supports, trains, and holds Fellows accountable for the year to come. Every Fellow will have monthly goals, and will attend bimonthly training webinars to help them achieve those goals. A full list of these goals appears below:

1. Attend conference

2. Ask question on a RESULTS issue at town hall or meet and greet with MOC

3. In district meeting with MOC

4. submit four LTEs

5. Organize three outreach events

6. Establish relationship with an editorial writer or member of local media

7. Recruit 6 new activists or 10 people starting a group

8. Organize and lead an advocacy/organizing training or issue briefing in their community

We currently have 93 Fellows joining us from across the country. Some of these Fellows will be starting new groups, but many of them will be reaching out to you to join your group. This means that your group will have someone who has promised to dedicate at least 3 – 6 hours a week helping your group. While REAL Changers do have specific monthly goals, they are set up to work in concert with our campaign goals and your group’s activities. REAL Changers will organize outreach events to bring new partners into your group, and provide support to help groups reach their goals. In return we ask that you work closely with your REAL Changer and share your wealth of experience as an advocate. REAL Changers will become a part of your group, and will collaborate with you on the work you're doing. If your group has a leadership position that needs to be filled, this is a great place to use your REAL Changer. REAL Changers will meet Group Leaders at the IC during lobby prep, and will definitely benefit from your years of experience with RESULTS.

RESULTS is excited to be on the forefront of training the next generation of anti-poverty advocates nationwide. We believe that groups with REAL changers will have a great new opportunities to grow and succeed.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the IC!

Carly Pildis, Outreach and Advocacy Associate

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